About Us

Establishing the Faith in North America, and Supporting Worldwide Ministries.

PAGE Ministry is a Christian worldwide evangelism ministry. The non-profit organization was founded in 1943 by Homer Duncan, a pastor with a heart for reaching the world with the Gospel and encouraging interest and support for foreign missions.

His evangelistic outreach grew to encompass the publication of Christian booklets and Gospel tracts in English and many other languages.

Rather than the traditional short Gospel tract format, these Christian publications were produced in booklet form. The larger format provided more information for the equipping of believers and sharing the Gospel with non-believers.

Many of these Christian booklets have been edited and continue to be offered by PAGE Ministry. Today, many of our English-language publications are available free in a printed version and for online download. In addition, we have established networks across the globe that distribute Gospel booklets in other languages.

PAGE Ministry is expanding its mission through social media. Today, we publish a blog on topics of interest to those engaged in Christian discipleship and evangelism. Blog posts are disseminated further through social media on the PAGE Ministry Facebook page, and Instagram account.

To offer financial support to this Christian faith ministry, we welcome donations.  The contributions we receive allow us to continue to provide our publications at no cost. Find more information about donating to PAGE Ministry here.


Support Churches and Christians
Support churches and Christians around the world with Gospel literature.
Provide Online Training Platform
Provide an online platform of training resources and forums on evangelism and discipleship.
Encourage Others to Live the Gospel
Encourage pastors and churches to share and live out the Gospel, and to equip others to do the same.

Impact on Lives

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